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Steve Marsel is a professional studio photographer and veteran commercial photographer located in Boston, MA. One of Steve's specialties is capturing the essence of his human subjects through creative digital portraiture. With more that 25 year of experience and 4,000 projects under his belt, Steve has photographed everyone from Godfather of Soul James Brown and sports greats Roger Clemens and David Ortiz, to professional models, nonprofit leaders, and New England business executives.

Boston model photographer Steve Marsel's fluid imagination can serve your business in innumerable ways. Working with professional models in studio allows Boston photographer Steve Marsel a great amount of freedom to create tailored environments that will show your people and your products in their best light. Whether you are interested in dramatic fashion photography, publicity for celebrities and politicians, corporate portraiture for annual reports and brochures, stock photos, people-product interaction shots, or evocative travel and tourism photos for catalogs, Steve Marsel, an award-winning studio photographer, can fill all of your print advertising and business photography needs in his Boston photography studio.

Photographing people in the studio allows model photographer Steve Marsel the luxury of advanced planning. Steve focuses on telling the stories of real people and can finesse lighting and imagery to describe and complement his individual subjects. In the studio, Steve is not bound by having to "work in" or adapt to his surroundings. Steve focuses in on the substance of his subjects, creating a personal relationship with them and facilitating a dynamic relationship between subjects and the camera to create evocative Boston studio photography . The studio is more personal. It's more intense. There is less hiding from the camera while being photographed. In addition, as an experienced studio photographer, Steve has access to hair stylists, makeup artists, production coordinators and casting agents to render flawless studio portraits with the highest level of professionalism.

Time is an important business concern; New England studio photographer Steve Marsel makes his subjects comfortable, putting them at ease immediately to deliver vibrant, dramatic in-studio portraits quickly. Model photographer Steve Marsel is highly skilled at creating portraits that communicate values clearly. He brings an uncommon level of professionalism and efficiency to the experience. His rapport with professional models as well as first-time subjects has developed from his extensive experience in the field of studio photography.

In his Boston photography studio, Steve can create worlds and transport subjects to exotic locales. Subjects are photographed to capture their unique spark and/or to communicate the high-level messages of your company and its products. Please contact studio photographer Steve Marsel with any questions concerning your desire for portraits of people in studio. Although he is based in Boston, MA, Steve is flexible and responsive. He is more than willing to travel to any regional or national location to consult with you and discuss your photography needs.

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